Welcome to the new FatCat!  Building on our line of already great A/V cables, we are adding some tremendous products that will allow you, our dealers, to sell FatCat to any type of customer. With pricing and specs that measure up to any product in the market, plus programs that help put some of your efforts back into your own pockets, we are dedicated to helping you be successful selling our stuff. 

Our FatCat Cable line just got fatter, with three comprehensive series to meet any customer’s needs. Not only have we upgraded our specs without upgrading your costs, but we’ve designed these cables to look as sweet as they sound. 

FatCat is a wholly owned subsidiary of TruAudio, and we are committed to the same fundamental business practices that have made TruAudio one of the fastest-growing speaker companies in America. Unsurpassed customer service, amazing quality, limited distribution, brand protection, tailored product development, and lifetime warranties are our foundation. And now, working together with you, we are thrilled at the opportunity to take it even farther.  Our goal at FatCat is to bring you more products at fat margins, while tenaciously staying true to the value, service, and quality that you have come to expect from a TruAudio company.